Daniel Shillito

Daniel ShillitoDaniel became the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy (BCCI) and joined the COBCOE Board of Directors in the spring of 2017.

He has led the BCCI's Brexit-related initiatives and is also a member of COBCOE's Brexit task-force.

Daniel began his professional advisory career over 30 years ago in Australia. After 10 years in business consulting and tax advisory roles, he went on to hold senior commercial and financial management positions within multinational companies across Europe, the US and Australia in the IT, real estate and consumer product sectors.

Daniel currently leads the Milan office of the Spectrum IFA Group, a European network of independent financial advisors licensed to provide advice and assistance for professionals, business owners and expatriates, many of whom are managing assets in several countries in complex situations. He continues to manage the cross-border financial advice business My Financial Life which commenced in 2003.

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