Why join?

Build your network

Build local and global connections to thousands of diverse young professionals from across Europe. At networking events hosted by COBCOE, you will hear from prominent business leaders, public officials and industry experts as they explore the latest regional issues and share tips on career advice. You will also have the ability to network, exchange ideas and share common interests within your region.

Improve your professional skills

Starting out on your professional career path is one of the most important times. Gain valuable networking and leadership skills that will contribute to your professional development and success through COBCOE events and workshops as well as training specific programmes.

Connect to COBCOE

Become associated with COBCOE, the region’s premier business advocacy organization. Through COBCOE you will have access to its member chambers of commerce and be able to be involved in setting up regional YPN hubs with their support.  You will potentially qualify for access to a select number of events organised by the chambers of commerce that COBCOE represents, with the additional opportunity to meet the companies that are members of the chambers themselves.

YPN operations in regions and countries

COBCOE encourages the setting up of regional hubs and appoint a regional/country chairperson who will be responsible for the regional/country programme and for managing any voluntary support. The chairperson may appoint other volunteers in a committee to assist in this work. The programme will involve formal and informal events whose content will be agreed by the COBCOE YPN chairperson and support team and the COBCOE executive to ensure the quality and diversity of the programme delivery.

Window into Europe