"Our business is growing your business"

Knowing that it is tough to grow a business, Kompass makes sure that accessing the right data is as easy as possible.

For over 60 years, Kompass has helped UK companies grow in the UK, Europe and worldwide. The focus has always been to provide customers with business data and marketing lists to improve the results of their sales and marketing activity.

Finding the right prospects is vital for successful campaigns, so Kompass has an extensive pool of companies and contacts, whether you are focusing on the UK or overseas.

Kompass is found in over 60 countries worldwide – this is why the company has such confidence in its business data – as each country locally collects and maintains their business information, guaranteeing the freshest, most up-to-date data.


How can Kompass help?

What sets Kompass apart is that it has expert data specialists in each country – so its valuable local knowledge can be shared without you even leaving your office. The breadth of expertise in local and international business information helps customers make  the right decisions – whether looking for new leads in the UK or starting to export their products.

Kompass works with small businesses looking for new leads, right up to large international companies who use the data to expand into new areas overseas. And knowing everyone uses data differently, Kompass works flexibly with customers to make sure its products can be crafted to meet their exact needs.


More info?

Find out more at www.kompassinfo.co.uk, or call 0800 0185 882.  Alternatively email sales@kompass.co.uk

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