British Chamber of Commerce in Latvia

Ms Ivi Buce
Executive Director & Member of Board
British Embassy Building
5 J. Alunana street
LV-1010 Riga

Phone: +371 25 45 6000

The BCCL is a members' association set up in 1996 to foster business relationships between Latvia and the UK. We run many events, both formal and informal, where business people can meet, compare notes, and make new contacts. The Chamber provides information to our members by sending out regular e-mail bulletins on news, events and business enquiries.
The Chamber is a member of the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Continental Europe (COBCOE) and is represented on the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL).
At present we offer 6 levels of membership: Platinum, Sterling, Corporate, Individual, Graduate and Not-for-profit. There is more information about membership levels and benefits in the Levels and Services section.

BCCL is a COBCOE Quality Standard (Gold level) certified chamber.

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