British-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

Hús atvinnulífsins
Borgartúni 35, 5 floor
105 Reykjavík

Phone: +354 510 7111
Fax: +354 568 6564

Founded in 1997, the objective of the Chamber is to promote and maintain commercial links between Britain and Iceland.

In accordance with the Chamber's objectives it organises meetings and conferences concerning commercial matters between the two countries, as well as visits by parties within the business community of either country. The BICC also works closely with Icelandic ministries and trade bodies to ensure the investment opportunity in Iceland is well understood. With several notable advantages such as plentiful hydroelectric and geothermal power, a young and highly educated population, and advantageous tax rules, Iceland is an attractive investment target for several industrial and smelting sectors.


Recent events have included seminars in the UK and Iceland conferences on Icelandic energy, macro-economic developments and fisheries. The growth of tourism will be an additional focus of the chamber in the near future.

Dagmar Thorsteinsdottir 

Chairman, British-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

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