British Polish Chamber of Commerce

Zielna Conference Centre

ul. Zielna 37,

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Business leaders need to be well connected – with other business leaders and with those in government. Sharing best practice, business insights and contacts, the well-networked executive is far more effective. When it comes to creating an effective network in the Polish- British business  space, the  BPCC  cannot  be  matched. Since 1992 we’ve been integrating UK investors in Poland; that’s our core – but that’s not all we do. As a bilateral chamber of commerce, the BPCC supports UK exporters entering the Polish market, Polish exporters entering the UK market, Polish entrepreneurs in the UK and investors looking at both markets.

New business leads come not only from within our established network of members; much of the work we do supporting exporters involves passing on contacts to our members, whose expertise we can vouch for. In 2015, we organised over 150 events around Poland and the UK, working with institutions such as the UK Embassy in Warsaw, the Polish Embassy in London, local authorities across Poland, business institutions in both  countries and – through COBCOE (the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Continental Europe) – with UK firms across Europe.

As a chamber accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce, the BPCC can guarantee a level of service that leads to tangible business results. If you are interested in doing business in or between the UK and Poland – join us!

BPCC is a COBCOE Quality Standard (Gold level) certified chamber.

COBCOE Award Winner for Excellence in Trade Development 2017

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