LONDON | British Bulgarian Business Association | ICT Road Show to UK 2018

The BBBA is organising an ICT Road Show to the UK

Bulgarian IT market is viewed as one of the most dynamic worldwide. The country has a long, rich tradition in the IT and electronics sectors and is known as the Silicon Valley of Southeastern Europe. The International Data Corporation (IDC) indicates that Bulgaria’s ICT market reached about USD1 billion in 2016, presenting a growth of 1.7 percent due to the good performance of IT services and software. The presence of multinational IT corporations implies that businesses that engage in ICT business can easily access top-notch technologies at affordable prices. 

In 2018 UK companies have the chance to meet with some of the best Bulgarian software solution providers in their city. The ICT Roadshow organized by BBBA (British Bulgarian Business Association) will take place in London and Liverpool during the second week of June. Alongside BBBA, the Bulgarian IT companies will host and participate in numerous events, showcasing their know-how and experience.

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11-15 June 2018. 


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