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Business travel has moved on a long way in the past 15 years - what will  happen over the next 15 years? Will employees have greater - or lesser - autonomy in choosing flights and hotels? Will technological advances further change the shape of our working day? Flexibility will become more important than ever, as employees' time becomes the most important resource for them, and their bosses. The expectations of the corporate travelers grow, the distribution model changes and the business practice demands from travelling employees to find a place to work on current projects also outside the office.

Driverless cars and taxis, high-speed rail, superconnector airlines and mega-hub airports (such as the one the Polish government is planning to build), in-flight internet, one-swipe booking from smartphones, global networks of micro-offices located in metro stations, motorway service stations and airports - all are likely to change how firms approach business travel.

This joint meeting of the BPCC's HR and Transport, Logistics & Infrastructure policy groups is aimed at decision makers responsible for travel planning and budgets, and is intended to showcase current best practice in optimising business travel, as well as highlighting forthcoming changes, and what these will mean for business.

9.30-12.00, 15 November 2018

Regus Nowy Świat ul. Smolna 40, Warsaw, Poland

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