ZURICH | British Swiss Chamber of Commerce| Finding talents and dream job in the digital era

The British Swiss Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to their event 'Finding talents and dream jobs in the digital era How to pick and get picked '. 

One of the most human interactions - the relationship between an employer and its employees – is being disrupted with the development of technologies. In fact, the means of starting such a professional relationship is evolving constantly. Today, there are numerous digital tools that help both employers and employees to identify their “perfect match”.What are the opportunities and risks when human touch is being replaced by technology? And how to make yourself stand-out in a digital world where big data comes first? Join the BSCC's Zürich Chapter for an evening to find out about the renaissance of humanity.

The evening will start with a short presentation by Dr. Mike Widmer about the disruption happening in the recruiting world and some of the digital tools available to both employers and job seekers. This will be followed by a panel discussion. 

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Wednesday 16th May 2018, 6PM-9PM

BSCC Head Office
Bleicherweg 12
Zurich 8002


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