WARSAW| British Polish Chamber Of Commerce | Digital Breakfast -Exploiting the opportunities offered by digital disruption

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce and Interoute invite you to a Digital Breakfast, led by James Hooper – Interoute's digital transformation evangelist.

 Find out how your business can benefit from digital disruption on the basis of  case studies of projects already implemented across Europe. Digital transformation is inevitable; it’s a just question of when and how.

The meeting will show you how you can effectively modernise your business to meet the demands of a digitising market.

You'll learn how digital transformation will impact everyday life and change companies' operating models. You'll hear about market outcomes from Interoute's report, How Europe is responding to Digital Transformation.

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Thursday 26th April 2018, 9:30am 

BPCC, ul Zielna 37, 00- 108 ,Warszawa

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