DUBLIN | The Voice of Irish Business | Central and Eastern European Roadshow inc Business Development Workshop

The Voice of Irish Business invite you to join them for a day of workshops, networking and discussions, bringing you exciting opportunities and information on the CEE region. There will be a team of experts on hand to share their knowledge of the region with your business.

Overview of the agenda:

The morning will feature our Official Partners speaking about Opportunity in Central & Eastern Europe with a high level Regional Market Overview To give you a direct look into the CEE:

  • Focus on Slovakia, the Economy and the top business sectors
  • The Czech Republic, the opportunites, the skills and the work force
  • Overview Hungary - FDI investment and the key players
  • Learn  more about Poland and its economy
  • Panel Discussion: State Aid, Incentives and R&D in the region

There will also be a Business Development Workshop exploring how you can change the way your team works and make it more producitve.

Following the event, there will also be a VIP Drinks Reception hosted by the Slovak Ambassador, HE Ambassador Pokojny.

For more information and registration, please visit their website. This is now a free event. 

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