ZURICH | British Swiss Chamber of Commerce | The BSCC Brexit Debate - a flagship event

Brexit has become one of the key issues of European politics following the unprecedented decision by a member state to leave the European Union.

How ambitious will bilateral British-Swiss discussions be? Will Bern seek to deepen the relationship with the UK or prioritise the relationship with Brussels? Are the Brexit talks doomed from the start because of their immense complexity and emotional and political considerations? 

Leading politicians and business figures from the UK and Switzerland, along with external experts will discuss the potential lessons to be drawn from the Swiss experience as a third country negotiating with the EU over decades.

The event will also consider the impact of the Brexit process and its potential ramifications for relations between Brussels and Bern, and the possibility of Switzerland and the UK drawing closer together once they negotiate a bilateral undertaking after Brexit is finalised.

3-7pm, Thursday 28 September 2017

Haus zum Ruden, Limmatquai 42, Zurich 8001

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