COBCOE Network Support

At COBCOE, we represent a unique international British business network across Europe and beyond. We are committed to encouraging strong multilateral ties across the continent and around the globe. 

Our trusted network comprises member chambers of commerce and business associations in Europe, plus affiliate organisations based in the UK and around the world. These member and affiliate bodies can help with a wide range of business enquiries through their own offices or their members.

  • COBCOE members – Trusted British business organisations, many of which are well established in their home markets and widely regarded as the premier business association in their home markets, represent around 8,000 businesses. Each provides a unique range of support services to help businesses looking to enter their market or trade with the UK.

  • Chambers of commerce in the UK – These affiliates are leading regional chambers of commerce represent counties, cities or regions, helping local businesses unlock their export potential and access local opportunities.

  • British chambers and business groups overseas – This group of COBCOE affiliates comprises British chambers of commerce located around the world. They represent thousands of businesses operating in all major international markets. 

  • Associations, groups and organisations – These international membership organisations work in similar spheres to COBCOE, and share common goals. By working together, we enhance the reach and effectiveness of the COBCOE network, providing access to even greater opportunities and support.


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