COBCOE Chairman explains role of our business network on radio

The Executive Chairman of COBCOE, David Thomas MBE, was today interviewed on BBC Radio's flagship morning news programme to talk about COBCOE's role during Brexit negotiations.

Mr Thomas explained on the Radio 4 Today Programme that more than 8,000 business of all sizes are represented by our network and that only 50% of them are British companies. "From the European side, the governments in Europe don't quite know what to do, and because most chamber networks in Europe are government funded, there's not much of a lead coming from those chambers. It's up to the British chamber network around Europe to keep business going."

David Thomas, COBCOE Executive Chairman

Pointing out that businesses in Europe never wanted Britain to exit the EU, Mr Thomas said that the reforms needed had been highlighted by the COBCOE Evolving Europe project and that businesses are still hoping that Brexit can lead to reform of markets across Europe.

Mr Thomas believed that government was starting to look to business for assistance and guidance, but pointed out that we need to look at the European context, and not just the domestic context, because there is a commonality across Europe about what business needs.

"Businesses in Europe are natural allies of the UK business community and the UK economy. We should utilise that leverage and COBCOE is that multi-nodal network across Europe that can be used by the governments in the UK and Europe to bring this consensus together" he said.

Hear the full interview here. The interview begins about 16 minutes into the programme. 


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