Gibraltar Chamber becomes member of COBCOE

We are delighted to announce that the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce has recently agreed to become the latest member of COBCOE. 

The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1882 when it broke away from the long established Exchange Committee. At the time, the Chamber’s remit was “for the promotion of measures calculated to benefit and protect the trading interests of its members and the general trade of Gibraltar”. Over 125 years later, the Chamber’s role is as important today as it was then.

When asked about the membership, Edward Macquisten, Chief Executive, Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce, said "“The Gibraltar Chamber decided to join COBCOE to expand and develop the chamber’s own network. Following the result of the EU referendum in June last year the Gibraltar Chamber has been liaising closely with its members as well as with the Gibraltar Government to ensure that Gibraltar’s business community will be able to take full advantage of any opportunities which may emerge from the UK and Gibraltar leaving the EU.  

"Once we became aware of COBCOE it was an easy decision to join as its mission fits very well with what we in Gibraltar trying to do: make sure that our members and the wider business community in general can continue to prosper and develop. Being part of COBCOE will not only offer members of the Gibraltar Chamber additional business opportunities in the future, it will also give Gibraltar business a more powerful and louder voice in Europe.”

"We are absolutely delighted to weclome the GBCC as new members" said Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive of COBCOE. "We are very much looking forward to working with them as part of our mission to promote international trade and business."

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Interview with the chamber's president on joining COBCOE

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