COBCOE Response to UK General Election announcement

We welcome Theresa May's unexpected decision to hold a snap General Election. We understand that the decision was taken in the interests of clarity. As we move towards Brexit, providing the UK Government with a clear mandate to take forward the will of the people will go some way to reducing the uncertainty that UK-European businesses now face.

While the time from now until 8 June risks a state of inertia on all sides as we wait to see which UK political party will be victorious, it remains crucial that we keep the interests of our members, British chambers of commerce in Europe, and their business members front of mind.

We are continuing our work to secure an economically stable outcome for the Brexit negotiations through our Brexit Ambition initiative.  Currently in the research phase, the project is identifying areas of common interest and business relationships that need to be protected. This research will be published in a report in early Autumn, and it will be made available to negotiators, government officials, the press and the public throughout the UK and Europe.

Read more about COBCOE's Brexit Ambition


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