Hogan Lovells and COBCOE enter new Brexit Ambition partnership


Hogan Lovells has become the partner for COBCOE’s Brexit Ambition initiative. The global law firm will be supporting the work of COBCOE as it takes a practical and pragmatic business approach to Brexit, driven by COBCOE members – British chambers of commerce and business associations across Europe. 

COBCOE’s Brexit Ambition project aims to ensure that the UK’s Brexit negotiations include a European dimension. As the UK Government is calling on business organisations to provide input for negotiations, COBCOE is in a unique position to assist as the only Europe-wide British business network.

Charles Brasted, Hogan LovellsCharles Brasted, partner at Hogan Lovells, said: "COBCOE members have a strong network of 8,000 businesses, keeping them close to the views of businesses across Europe, so they are a fantastic partner for Hogan Lovells on the Brexit Ambition project. Brexit will have implications for businesses across the continent so it is imperative that their priorities are understood by the policy makers responsible for making sure that the process of Brexit and the post-Brexit settlement are the very best they can be for everyone. At Hogan Lovells our dedicated Brexit Taskforce of senior thought leaders from across the globe have been advising clients on the potential impact of Brexit, and the plans they should be putting in place, even before the referendum was promised. Collaborating with COBCOE offers us a unique opportunity to engage even further with the European business community and to help them to shape our common future."

David Thomas, Chairman of COBCOE, said: “Being the only organisation with multi-nodal European business networks linked to London, COBCOE can directly tap international business to gauge and test the implications of any policy formulation by Westminster for trade negotiations. COBCOE has a pan-European network of around 40 members, each containing the businesses that create wealth for Europe and the UK.”

COBCOE’s Brexit Ambition project is currently in the research phase, assessing engagement in international trade and establishing business needs from the bottom up. The Brexit Ambition survey, available in eight languages, is open until the end of November 2016. Everyone involved in European business is invited to take the survey.

This will be followed by a report in early 2017 and round-table discussions around the region involving senior representatives of British chambers of commerce and other leading figures from business and government.


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Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive, COBCOE anne-marie.martin@cobcoe.eu

Vanessa Montero, Senior Public Relations Manager, Hogan Lovells vanessa.montero@hoganlovells.com



COBCOE is the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe. It is the membership body for British business organisations located in and around Europe. Founded over 40 years ago as an independent, not for profit organisation, COBCOE works with its members, affiliates and partners to promote business growth through international trade. COBCOE members currently number around 40, with a combined membership of 8,000 businesses.



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