What business needs now - COBCOE in the media following Article 50

Both David Thomas, COBCOE Executive Chairman, and Anne-Marie Martin, COBCOE Chief Executive, were featured in the media following the triggering of Article 50, to put forward the concerns and needs of businesses across Europe.

David Thomas was quoted in the Financial Times on 29 March, pointing out that thousands of companies across the EU27 lack clarity, information and support, leaving them unable to plan a workable Brexit strategy. He added that a temporary agreement as close to the current set-up as possible needs to be agreed as a priority.

Read the Financial Times article: Business outlines its hard Brexit worries

Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive of COBCOE was interviewed on BBC Business Live on 30 March. She explained that COBCOE was bringing the European business perspective to the table and that Brexit was just as challenging for European businesses as for UK ones.

"Business needs to do its own research and not rely on governments to show the way. Governments will be relying on business – this is a huge opportunity to succeed, but be aware of the risk of messing up by relying on institutions which are floundering in the dark." 

Watch the BBC Business Live episode – available in the UK until April 28. (The interview starts 3.27 minutes in.)

Anne-Marie Martin, COBCOE Chief Executive on BBC Business Live 30 March 2017

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