COBCOE Champions call to arms

Is your business exporting throughout Europe? Could you be an example to others looking to take their first steps into new markets? COBCOE needs you...

In order to celebrate COBCOE's 45th Anniversary year, we are looking for successful British-European businesses to join a new programme celebrating their achievements as part of our international network.

Businesses selected will be celebrated across over 1000 network events throughout Europe in an exclusive COBCOE Champions brochure, in addition to receiving support from local chambers in growing their business whilst serving as leading examples for the British-European business community.

The programme will be launched at our 45th Anniversary Awards Dinner and Dance on 9 October 2018 at the Brewery, London.

COBCOE Champions will be drawn from a wide range of companies, from early stage start-ups to well established businesses located throughout Europe. Selection is open to all companies that belong to British-European Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations throughout the COBCOE membership. The full list of COBCOE members can be found here. See the full list of members here:

For more information about applying for the COBCOE Champions programme, please click here.  

Details of our 45th Anniversary Awards Dinner and Dance can be found on our website here

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