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Algol is a Finnish family enterprise founded in 1894. It supplies products and solutions for industry and healthcare, with an organisation of sales and industry professionals serving customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and India. The Group's total sales are approximately €170 million.

The Group's mission is to bring together suppliers and customers in different fields of industry in a way that helps all parties to succeed. Their business idea has remained unchanged since 1894, and in today's networked world it is more relevant than ever. The group is much more than a link in the distribution chain – it is an independent supplier of solutions, a responsible partner, and an expert innovator. Their brand promise - Your supplier of value - applies to all stakeholders. 

As a family enterprise Algol fosters entrepreneurship, smooth collaboration and the ability to react rapidly to the wishes and needs of customers of all sizes. At the same time, the size of the Algol Group offers stability and the readiness to invest resources in customer relationships. Their core values, accountability, collaboration and development, have been guiding the organisation for more than 120 years. 

As a distributor, they represent manufacturers from all over the world, with constant interest in finding new products that they can distribute to a wide network of customers in Europe and Asia. They are also ready to serve customers with products and services in their home markets as well as many export markets.

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