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Kompass LogoAbout Kompass

For over 70 years Kompass has helped companies grow by improving sales, marketing, procurement and research activity. Kompass provides a suite of services covering business data, marketing, sales intelligence software, global buyer/supplier portals and more.

Kompass is found in over 70 countries, and business information is locally collected and maintained by data specialists in each country. This delivers fresh, up-to-date and, importantly, compliant data combined with a unique breadth of expertise in local and international business information, whether businesses are looking for new leads for marketing or new contacts for export.


COBCOE ConnectsDevelopment of the partnership

Kompass UK became a partner of COBCOE in 2015. Originally, the partnership was based on COBCOE’s work to connect different business communities across Europe through the network of chambers, because Kompass was focused on promoting its global business by supporting cross-border trade.

Kompass has a strong history of working with chambers of commerce. When the partnership began, its business services were made available to the members of chambers of commerce in the COBCOE network.

“It was very obvious early on that COBCOE is very well connected and playing in the same space that was of interest to us” recalls Stuart Pocock, Managing Director of Kompass UK.

Around the time the partnership was formed, COBCOE had begun to lay the foundations for a new online platform for international business development, to help companies find trusted contacts in new markets matched to their needs through chambers of commerce, working with an external company, TIAO.  Kompass was invited to help with the platform’s development, using its database to fill any gaps while the platform grew, and has since become an intrinsic part of the fast-growing online service. 

“COBCOE is clearly forward thinking and this has resulted in a piece that has played very well for us” says Stuart Pocock. “There is a definite sense that we truly have a strategic partnership, rather than just an association.”


Benefits of working with COBCOE 

“The COBCOE organisation has very professional people, an influential voice and very clearly operates with the highest level of ethics and ambition to serve their membership and network communities” comments Stuart Pocock.

Through the partnership, Kompass has also benefited from introductions to a wide range of interesting, influential and, ultimately, potentially valuable contacts.

Stuart Pocock notes that there was initially a degree of altruism and trying to help when Kompass first became a COBCOE partner. Ultimately, Kompass does require the relationship to be commercially advantageous, although this can sometimes be difficult to measure with partnerships. In this case, however, “There is a definite sense that our partnership with COBCOE has been a very valuable relationship in terms of positioning and scale, plus some solid introductions to people that may not have been so easily reached without a friendly introduction from COBCOE” Stuart Pocock concludes.

The COBCOE partnership underpins the global ambitions that Kompass supports in driving cross-border trade through its products and services. The partnership has also given Kompass a new marketing angle. “We regularly talk about what we’re doing with COBCOE” adds Stuart Pocock, “The support we give and the recognition we get is very valuable to us.”

If you would like to support the work of COBCOE, Corporate partnerships are available at levels to suit a range of business objectives and budgets.


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