COBCOE Strategic Partners

The strategic partnership programme was introduced by COBCOE in order to assist companies to develop a focused strategy and outlook for business development, brand presence and activities throughout Europe, or within specific key regions of Europe, including the UK via the COBCOE network.

The partnership is based on mutual support whereby we expect to work together to achieve goals of common interest.

Our strategic partnerships have developed considerably in the last three years, with very high profile, well-known national and global brands joining our programme.

The aim of this level of partnership is to determine a customised and practical programme together that is designed to specifically assist the partner to reach set objectives and business development goals across those markets that are located primarily but not exclusively across Europe.

If you are interested in becoming a COBCOE strategic partner, please contact COBCOE's Chief Executive, Anne-Marie Martin to discuss your goals and objectives. / +44 207 680 9122

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