Alexandrion Group

The Alexandrion Group has been incorporating experience through the brands the company owns since 1789. They offer customers over 220 years of excellence in the spirits industry, creating wonderfully crafted products with great pride and satisfaction of. Alexandrion owns an important international brands portfolio – they introduced some of the most popular international brands, recognised for their quality, to the Romanian market.


Alexandrion also as and equally impressive local brands portfolio, which is highly appreciated internally and on the international markets – Brancoveanu brandy, SABER natural fruit liquors, high quality spirits such as  Alexandrion 5* and  7* brandy, Kreskova vodka and Alexander products (flavoured vodka and gin).


While being present on the market, this company has been delegating its social responsibility through CSR projects managed by the Alexandrion Foundation, which is very much involved in cultural and sports activities, promoting excellence and performance in both fields. They organize three yearly events of great importance and coverage – the Constantin Brancoveanu Gala Awards, the Matei Brancoveanu Gala Awards (inspired by great historical figures from Romanian history) and the Alexandrion Trophy (dedicated to excellence in sports).


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