COBCOE Public Affairs Committee news

With the British General Election “out of the way" the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has been able to get back to work. Now we know that there will be a referendum on EU membership in the UK within the next 30 months and the PAC is looking in detail at areas where it can represent COBCOE members in the debate that has already started.

With the new parliament and the key parliamentary committees being gradually being reappointed, we can also resume our work behind the scenes talking to British parliamentarians, ensuring that they take into account the interest of the European business community and its investment and trade links into and out of the UK. Some ministers were reappointed in the new UK government and some have been replaced so we will also be working on establishing strong working links with key ministers.

At the same time we will be keeping an eye on EU matters bearing in mind that our members are constantly affected by developments at the EU level. To that end, COBCOE recently made a call on the Luxembourg Finance Minister, Mr Pierre Gramegna, in anticipation of the Luxembourg presidency of the EU which commences on 1st July and we are already planning a call on the Dutch government later in the year. As usual, the delegation on the COBCOE side comprised of members of the COBCOE PAC, the leadership of the local British Chamber as well as the British Ambassador in Luxembourg. 

Following on from the COBCOE strategic review, the PAC is now intending to be more focused going forward on these key areas and is in the process of setting up working groups in which PAC members will participate. 

Of course it is vital that COBCOE is able to reflect accurately its members interests and concerns. If you are a COBCOE member chamber without representation on the PAC, do please nominate a representative and please also let us know if your representative has changed.

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