Innovative Israel

By Anita Leviant, President of the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce (IBCC)


Israel is a small dynamic country with a population of almost 9 million people. A relatively young state at 67 years old, Israel is recognised as a developed market. It became a member of the OECD in 2010 and ranks fourth in education and fifth in healthcare amongst other OECD members. In the same year, it was ranked first in the world for ‘Resilience of the Economy’ as part of the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report, following Standard & Poor’s raising the long-term credit rating to A+ for foreign currency sovereign debt.


Israel represents one of the greatest concentrations of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world today, offering a wealth of investment opportunities in biomed, homeland security, medical equipment, gas and oil and alternative energy and is recognised as a world-leading hub for emerging technologies and global businesses, alongside history, holy places, great people and wonderful weather!  You may recognise some of the well-known inventions already used by us all, as shown in the slide below:

Israeli innovations



The above attracts many global companies to operate in Israel and around 300 companies have established their R&D centres in Israel. Israel Global R&D 

With a growing economy, a highly skilled, entrepreneurial workforce, and a Western orientated market, Israel is a country of many business and investment opportunities. Israel has free trade agreements with 39 countries including the EU, EFTA, Turkey, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and more. Europe currently is Israel’s leading trade and investments partner!


The IBCC is one of the most significant and oldest bi-national chambers of commerce and is playing a significant role in this vibrant market. With a strong presence and significant network of contacts and supporters of over 2,000 business people, companies, organisations and decision makers, the IBCC facilitates members’ access to the contacts and information necessary to promote and enjoy business opportunities between the UK and Israel.


Bilateral trade between the two countries is constantly growing and the UK is the second largest trade partner of Israel (second only after the US). Bilateral trade reached over US$5 billion in 2014, and being the only organisation in Israel that is dedicated exclusively to promoting business relations between Israel and the UK, this makes us a natural primary point of contact for businesses from Israel and the UK interested in trade  and investment  activities between these two countries.


The IBCC network presents a comprehensive range of specialists, sectors and service providers, enabling us to offer members and partners knowledge, networking opportunities, and platforms to exchange ideas and share information as well as professional contacts.


The IBCC works closely with the British Embassy, UKTI, the Israeli Manufacturers’ Association, export institutions, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Ministry of Economy, as well as the Israeli Embassy in London. We have on going dialogues with the Chief Scientist, the British Council, academic institutions and more. The IBCC was the first chamber in Israel to include in its strategy, the creation and improvement of a good business environment for parties from both countries.


We leave politics aside and aim to use these good relations as a bridge to relations at large. Our slogan reflects this belief stating:

                                        “It’s all about the people!”


During the first half of 2015, the IBCC has organised workshops on ‘Doing Business’, ‘Networking’ and ‘The Start-up Nation - The Psychology Behind the Brand’. We had our Fifth Annual Real Estate Event, hosted by Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador to Israel. In this prestigious event, where five UK real estate companies and service providers presented their views on the UK real estate market, the IBCC presented an award for making a special contribution to UK-Israel relations to Mr. Akirov, a leading Israeli businessman in the real estate area. The event attracted around 100 investors from all sectors.


On the tech front, we have been focusing on the financial sector’s technological and security needs in light of UK investors’ continuing interest in the Start-up Nation, and we continue to support and encourage Israeli IPOs on the London Stock Exchange, keeping up the good work with our partners.



In May 2015, the IBCC held a farewell cocktail reception for the outgoing British Ambassador, Matthew Gould CMG CBE, with the participation of the leaders of the business community in Israel and the support of HSBC and the Foreign Affairs office.


IBCC presents painting

Anita Leviant (second from right) presents Israeli art to the former British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould (far right) at his farewell event


At the time of writing we are busy helping to promote the 5th Annual International Cyber Security Conference. The conference, held jointly by the Technology and Security, the National Cyber Bureau, the Prime Minister's Office, the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center (ICRC) and Tel Aviv University, will bring together leading international cyber experts, policymakers, researchers, security officials, and diplomats for an exchange of knowledge, methods and ideas on evolving cyber technologies.


If you would like more information regarding opportunities to import, export or invest in Israel, or about promoting your services, you are welcome to contact us on

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