COBCOE Connects B2B platform

COBCOE Connects is a new online service to help businesses find trusted contacts around the world matched to their individual needs. An international vehicle for driving global trade and business via a known and trusted environment offered by chambers of commerce and other business associations in the COBCOE network.

COBCOE Connects enables business growth by finding the right partners to help businesses:

Enter new markets

Increase sales

Expand their client base

Develop new projects, products or services

Discover new suppliers and service providers

COBCOE Connects’ goal is to deliver to all companies, and especially SMEs, a genuine "business without barriers" environment by significantly reducing the costs of doing national and international business through increasing access to finance, trade relevant expertise and services, local knowledge and growing opportunities, all built on trust. 

More information about COBCOE Connects can be found here  

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